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How To Answer: Tell Me About Yourself

“Please tell me about yourself”.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, this is the question that always occurs when we have an interview session. This question might sound very simple to some, but at the same time could be complicated. What is it that the recruiter wants to know about? Is this a very important question or just a way for the recruiter to start the interview session? Read below.

The question to “tell me about yourself” can be the key to your successful interview. This is the moment for you to engage the recruiter in a personal and professional way. As a starter, this question also contributes to the first impression that the recruiter obtains about you because this is when you start talking more after the small greeting at the start.

How to answer? Simple!

  • Start by explaining when was the first time you discovered your passion.

Everyone has a start to become where they are right now. For example, you can talk about how you used to help your uncle in the field, and that activity built your interest in machinery. Keep it simple yet exciting. This is the perfect timing to engage your recruiter in a personal way by sharing the moment when you found out your passion.

  • Continue with your education background.

After finding out your interest, you took a degree to broaden your knowledge of machinery. If you got any achievement related to your degree as a student, feel free to bring it up!

  • Finally, talk about your related working experience.

Some people could have different roles in a different field some times in their life. We suggest to only talk about the experience that is related to the job that you applied to.

In MatchKerja, we have many tips to prep our Clients to ace the interview. Are you interested to find out more? Send us a message to info@matchkerja.com!

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