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The Perfect Cold Email for A Job

Cold email doesn’t apply only for those who are working in the sales department. Cold email is also important for you as a job seeker when you receive information about a job vacancy. Many job seekers still feel awkward and unsure of creating the perfect cold email. As a result, most cold emails tend to fail. Whether you’re expressing interest in a job opportunity or simply seeking mentorship, we suggest creating only three key paragraphs in your email.

Below is an example of a perfect cold email:

Dear XX,

My name is Precelia. I’m a professional recruiter across many industries. I’ve been doing this work for about two years, and I’m passionate about helping people to find their next job and companies to find their perfect candidates.

I was excited when I came across your post on LinkedIn mentioning that you are hiring a Senior Recruitment Consultant. As someone who has been working alongside major key decision-makers from many global companies, I believe I can deliver a significant contribution to your company.

I applied for the position to your email, but even if things don’t work out, I’d be so grateful for a 30-minute call to learn about your experience and what advice you have for young professionals in this field. I’m free any time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.

Thank you so much for your time,


Now, maybe you are curious about why this is a perfect cold email to use. With MatchKerja, you will be able to know in-depth tips to excel in your job searching journey, as well as the detailed breakdown of each cold email template.

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