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Most important things you need to do to get a job

These days, if you want to get a job, you have to stand out from the pack. It isn’t enough to simply be a good candidate. You have to be great. Exceeding the hiring manager’s expectations is a must. The best way to shine and stand out among a sea of job applicants is to have a clear strategy. 

Are you ready to wow the hiring managers? You’re in luck because we would like to share with you some advice on what job applicants must do if they want to get hired. 

Here are some crucial things you need to do to get the job:

1. Do your research
Before applying for a job, do a deep dive into the company’s history, mission, and current successes and challenges. Your potential employer wants to see how you’ll help the company, and the specific team you’re applying to, meet its objectives. But you can’t do that without a thorough understanding of where the company is now and where it wants to go. If you have a mentor or acquaintance who’s familiar with the organization, pick their brain. Search Google News, so you’re aware of the most recent product launches or personnel changes in case they come up during the interview.

2. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself
Being too humble during a job interview by selling your accomplishments short will hurt you in the long run. By not praising your own accomplishments, there’s a chance the interviewer may just think you don’t have any. Sell your strengths, and highlight any past experience that would be especially beneficial to the position at hand.

3. Have someone refer you Networking is a must. Employers love to see candidates engaging in the industry and interacting with professional organizations. Also, when your network, you can build strong connections and develop long-lasting relationships that can lead to referrals. If someone praises you as a professional, employers take notice. In fact, 60% of employers say they give referred candidates more attention and consideration than other candidates.

4. Make sure your resume matches the job description Your resume must adhere to the role you are pursuing. You can’t use an accounting resume for a financial analyst role. Sure, accounting and finance are very similar, but when you are applying for positions, your resume needs to speak to the specific job post you are applying to. You should look at the qualifications and the duties in the job description, and tailor a specific resume to that.

5. Be prepared with thoughtful questions
This part of the interview tends to get overlooked by the candidate, but if you ask the right questions you’ll be sure to stand out for the right reasons. One good thing to ask about is how the department collaborates with other relevant teams. If you’re applying for a job in the engineering department, for example, you’ll want to ask how that team collaborates with the product and design team and if they recognize any gaps between these teams. Make yourself shine by explaining the skills and experiences you can bring to bridge these gaps.

6. Own your strengths but also your weaknesses
Lots of candidates provide the same answer when asked about their greatest weakness: They’re too much of a perfectionist. While it might be true, it won’t help you stand out. Instead, identify a weakness that actually works for the job. For example, if you have a short attention span or have trouble sitting still, that wouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re applying for a position that requires you to work in a fast-paced environment.

7. Avoid only focusing on yourself Show up during the interview. Do your best to keep the focus on what you can do for the company rather than what you can gain by working for the company. For example, tell them that you are aware of a critical need and are now feeling challenged about finding the best way to fix it.

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