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Re-imagine your career after Covid-19

COVID-19 has crashed the world like a wave and nobody knows if it will ever return to normal.The
situation after the pandemic era might be quite different, with a wide range of changes to the work
and careers.

How will your careers look like after COVID-19?

We know it can be difficult to feel optimistic during these times, but it’s important to stay motivated and proactive. Whether you’re in the middle of the job search, recently lost your job, or even still employed but unsure what to plan for an uncertain
future, here’s what you need to know to get through the situation!

  • What to do if you’ve been laid off
    If you are one of the employees that have been laid off during the COVID-19 situation, we
    are very sorry to hear that! We understand you may be frustrated, as this is something
    completely outside our control. Instead of thinking too much, you can start to create a job
    search to-do list that could include updating your resume, prepare a cover letter, asking for
    recommendations for your LinkedIn profile, being active on your social media profiles, and
    practicing interview.

  • Still employed but want to prepare yourself for an uncertain future
    If you’re still employed, you must be thankful, but we understand if you might a bit wary. If
    you are interested in changing roles to a different industry, you can start by reviewing
    relevant job descriptions and see if they match your experience. The key is to gather your
    skills and understand how they can be implemented to a new role or industry that is hiring
    right now.
    The COVID-19 career change is not going to be easy. Hiring managers will want to know why
    you’re making a career change. You’ll have to be clear why you can be a good candidate for
    the role. However, you should be able to explain how your skills and current experience can
    be relevant to the potential employer. Use this time to up-level!

Although right now might not feel like the best time to change your career, or even look for a job,
it’s not impossible. If you are a starter, it will be difficult for you but it’s still possible. Gather your
skills, come up with a plan, and get back out there.

Remember that you will find your way! Good luck.

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