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How to prepare for a video interview

Ever since Covid-19 happens, companies that used to conduct in-person interviews have shifted their
usual method to online interviews through the internet and this has become the “new normal”. Are
there any differences between preparing for an in-person interview and an online interview?

There are!

Learning about the company that is going to interview you and the job itself is a must. However, now
that we are talking about a video interview, do not forget the technical preparation. As you present
yourself through the media, it is much more challenging to impress the interviewer compared to when
you were able to express yourself directly in front of the person.

Here are what you should do the day before the interview:

1. Make sure that you have a good internet connection.
This is very vital yet most candidates take it for granted. Good internet connection helps you
and the interviewer a lot by displaying both of your faces well and delivering the conversation

2. Test your camera and audio with a friend or a family member.
To make sure everything is working well, call someone to do the real test. This person can be
your friend or even your family member. Your task in this step is to ask them if they can see and
hear you well.

3. Adjust the camera position.
For this, we highly suggest you use a laptop as it is sturdier and easier to adjust. During the call
test with your friend or your family member, check yourself on the small screen in the call
display and start adjusting your camera accordingly. It is best when the interviewer can see your
face without being too closed or too far.

4. Choose a good spot.
A plain and neutral color as your background is the best way to go. Remember that your face
and expression are the main attention here. Having too much pattern as your background could
distract the interviewer and doesn’t make you stand out.

5. Check the lighting in the room.
Let’s say you have a good audio system, your internet is working well, and the camera is
functioning. But then, the lighting is very poor and it makes you look darker. What could
happen? The interviewer would not see you well and couldn’t point out your expression as well.
Ensure that the room is bright without being blinding for the other person to see.

After making sure you are technically well prepared, inform your family members or roommates. If you
don’t live by yourself, it is best to inform them about the day that you are going to have an interview.
Their cooperation to not make too many noises would help your interview goes smoothly because of no
noises as the hindrance.

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